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Our Family, after more than 100 years cultivation of vineyards and grapes sales, decided to launch in the market its own line of bottles, so starting a process that with the passing of the years will allow our family to take over full control on the value chain.

Our Christmas Catalogue

Our History

A Glace into the Future: Excellence, Innovation, Internationalization

The Beginning


After more than 100 years of our family farming grapes, Dovitia finally introduced and launched into the market its own exclusive line of bottles, BonaDea. In cooperation with a great oenologist, we prepared the first of our wines: Prosecco DOC Treviso Extra Dry BonaDea.

The Launch of the Prosecco BonaDea


Our Prosecco DOC was presented at the international AWC contest in Vienna and received the silver medal. There were 1,408 different wine producers that presented their wines at the 2017 AWC contest. In 2017, Dovitia also began collaborating with other wine producers to diversify the types of wine that Dovitia offers on the current market.

University of Economics – Ljubljana (Slovenia)


After hearing about the way Dovitia conducts our company, the University of Economics in Ljubljana, Slovenia (SLO), invited Dovitia representatives to present our innovative “Customer Oriented” business model to one of their masterclasses. Our presentation has become one of their International Master Classes of “Advanced Management in the Wine Industry” and is included as part of their Ph.D. programs every year.

New Website


Dovitia launches its innovative online e-commerce platform that allows private and corporate customers in more than 30 countries worldwide to purchase and receive wines directly from Italy.

Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG

Color: Bright, golden yellow
Flavors and Bouquet: Having an intense and persistent flavor characterized by excellent balance, it remains pleasantly fresh. To the nose, it has characteristics with perfumes of green apple and floral notes of acacia as well as pink wisteria.
Pairing: Perfect as an aperitif, it is ideal to accompany seafood starters, light first courses,and shellfish.

Prosecco DOC

Color: Light, golden yellow with green hues
Flavors and Bouquet: Perfume of good intensity, pleasant and fruity, with notes of green apple. Floral notes highlight the delicate persistence of acacia flowers.
Pairing: A perfect wine to enjoy as an aperitif and to accompany salted seafood and meat starters. It is perfect for enjoying with grilled fish and white meats.

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