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Our Family, after more than 100 years cultivation of vineyards and grapes sales, decided to launch in the market its own line of bottles, so starting a process that with the passing of the years will allow our family to take over full control on the value chain.

Read below how to use our Xmas catalogue

Inside the 2023 Christmas collection you can find our best selection of items from our winery and Loison’s artisan pastry workshops. On the side of these local products, you will also find creations such as breadsticks, crackers and various types of cookies made by Libere Golosità, a cooperation project that aims to support the people detained in Vicenza’s prison, so to help them to learn a new job for their reintegration into society.

In the first portion of the catalogue, you will find a collection of ready-made ideas designed to easily guide and inspire you to make your choice; the suggested compositions start from the simplest to the most complete ones, to meet all needs. To give more room to your creativity, in the second portion of the catalogue you will find a broad selection of other items that will allow you to build your own composition totally personalized, just as if you were choosing delicacies from your larder, offering them as special and unique gifts to your beloved! After finding your ideal composition, contact us via email at ordini@dovitia.com to receive the best quote for deliveries to USA and/or many other countries. You can easily make your payments via XPay (through a secure link sent via SMS, chat, or e-mail) or you can directly collect your gifts on site. If requested, a personalised greeting card and other gadgets can also be included inside your gift. The packaging for every shipment is purposely made to secure the integrity of the goods.

Xmas Collection 2023

Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG

Color: Bright, golden yellow
Flavors and Bouquet: Having an intense and persistent flavor characterized by excellent balance, it remains pleasantly fresh. To the nose, it has characteristics with perfumes of green apple and floral notes of acacia as well as pink wisteria.
Pairing: Perfect as an aperitif, it is ideal to accompany seafood starters, light first courses,and shellfish.

Prosecco DOC

Color: Light, golden yellow with green hues
Flavors and Bouquet: Perfume of good intensity, pleasant and fruity, with notes of green apple. Floral notes highlight the delicate persistence of acacia flowers.
Pairing: A perfect wine to enjoy as an aperitif and to accompany salted seafood and meat starters. It is perfect for enjoying with grilled fish and white meats.

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