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Rosso Antico




Because this wine is made as a blend, it allows a more complex pairing. Pair it with chicken, lamb, stews, or even burgers. Think about having it alongside Chicken Cacciatore, Beef Stroganoff, or Braised Lamb Shanks. It can even be paired with a BBQ Bacon Burger, as the sweetness of the wine will cut through the sharpness of a good BBQ sauce. Dark chocolate of at least 85% is also acceptable, but two caveats; first, cheap chocolate is never as good when paired with any wine, and stay away from milk chocolate; you need the fruitiness of the cocoa beans to blend harmoniously with the wine. In milk chocolate and cheap chocolote, you just don’t find the same harmony.

Color: deep red with garnet hues that speaks to the blend of wines, more than the age.

Flavors/Fragrances: the Rosso Antico Appassimento is a blend of several wines lending a more rounded and smooth feel to the palate. The red fruits of cherry and plum are especially prevalent in this wine and lend perfume to the initial aroma that is unmistakable. It is slightly sweet but not overpowering to the senses making it a pleasant wine to enjoy anytime; in Italian we might call this a meditation wine (Vino da Meditazione), but in America, you might think about relaxing out on the porch vehicle sipping this flavorful red wine.

  • Grapes: a blend of Merlot, Rosso del Monferrato with a small portion of Barbera Appassimento
  • Alcohol content: 14%
  • Bottle size:: 750 ml
  • Origin: Blend
  • Production Area: Piedmont
  • Acidity: 5.27 mg/l.
  • Sugar content: 30g/l.
  • Ph: 3.37
  • Overpressure: n/a
  • Vinification/Aging: 6 months aging in steel tanks, followed by time in bottles.
  • Serving temperature: 16 – 18°C (60 – 64°F)
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